Friday, October 12, 2007

Guess Who is the 3rd Biggest Search Engine?

Its no surprise that Google and related properties such as YouTube still came out on top as the origination point of 37 billion searches, followed by Yahoo in second place with 8.5 billion searches.

But guess who is in 3rd place..Nope its not Microsoft

That ranking went to Chinese search engine Baidu, which was responsible for 3.3 billion searches compared to fourth-place Microsoft at 2.2 billion.

Meanwhile, Korean-held NHN Corporation's Naver search engine came in fifth with 2 billion searches. Interestingly, eBay came in sixth with 1.3 billion searches.

"Baidu's [ranking is] interesting because it's an indication of how big China is," Andrew Frank, research vice president in the media group at Gartner, told "It shows that China is an untapped market in terms of the numbers of people one can reach via the Internet."

So Microsoft be quietly making its move into China? Hmm..

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